Canada Job Grant can help businesses pay for employee training

Canada Job Grant can help businesses pay for employee training


VICTORIA – B.C. Feb 6th,2015 businesses have an important financial tool to help them connect employees with training that can help boost productivity and the bottom line: the Canada – British Columbia Job Grant.


Launched last fall, the Canada – B.C. Job Grant provides two-thirds the cost of training a new or existing employee – up to a maximum government contribution of $10,000 per employee. The employer is required to contribute one-third of the training costs.


Requiring employers to pitch in helps ensure the training leads to guaranteed jobs.


The Canada – B.C. Job Grant is a flexible program that will help ensure British Columbians can find their fit in our growing and strong economy.



The grant is part of the $65-million Canada-British Columbia Job Fund Agreement provided by government of Canada. Since launching in October 2014, hundreds of B.C. businesses have applied for the grant from throughout the province, representing a vast array of sectors including health care, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting.


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    • Employers determine what kind of training is needed.
    • Employers can choose qualified third-party providers to deliver it.
    • All private-sector and not-for-profit organizations, with plans to train workers for a new or better job in B.C., are eligible to apply.
    • If an organization has more than one worker to train, employers can apply for multiple grants on one application.