Electric vehicle charging incentive program

Electric vehicle charging incentive program

Ontario is showing its support for electric vehicles (EVs) by offering up to $1,000 to help you purchase and install charging stations for home or business use. Find out whether you're eligible and how to apply for a rebate.

Eligible participants

If you are the owner of an electric vehicle registered and plated in Ontario, you are eligible for a rebate to support the purchase of a Level 2 charging station. You can plug your car into a regular household outlet but upgrading to a Level 2 (220V, 30amps) station, connected to the same type of plug you need for a dryer or stove, will let you charge your car faster.

  • Level 1 – (110 VAC
  • Level 2 – (220 VAC
  • Level 3 – (480 VDC

Electric vehicle charging incentive program

The rebate covers:

50% of the purchase cost, up to $500 

50% of the installation cost, up to $500 (a maximum value of $1,000)

Rebate requirements

Individuals and organizations who have purchased either a new or used EV and registered and plated that vehicle in Ontario can apply for the charging station rebate. You can request one charging rebate for each vehicle you have registered.

To receive a rebate, your charging station must:

  • be for residential or business vehicle use for applicant owned vehicles (not for public or customer use)
  • have a nominal voltage rating of 208-240 V (Level 2) only
  • be designed to charge one car at a time. Dual port charging stations are not eligible unless you have two eligible vehicles registered and plated in the applicant's name
  • be approved by an ESA accredited certification or evaluation agency.
  • be on the list of eligible charging stations
  • have been purchased in Canada from a Canadian source (i.e. third-party certified or evaluated by cUL, CSA or cETL
  • Be on the list of eligible vehicles posted on the Green Plates Eligible Vehicle List

Electric vehicle charging incentive program

Expenses eligible for a rebate include:

  • the purchase price of the charging station
  • the costs associated with installing the unit by a Licensed Electrical Contractor

  • the cost associated with an electrical inspection undertaken by ESA

You will need to provide proof of installation by showing your certificate of inspection issued by the ESA. The certificate can be obtained from the electrical contractor who installed the charging station or from the ESA if the installation was completed by an employee or a homeowner.

Add a charging station to the list

If you are a charging station manufacturer you may download an application (PDF – 1.44 MB) to qualify a charging station for the Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program.

Electric vehicle charging incentive program

Apply for a rebate

You need to apply within three months (90 days) of the ESA certificate date.

To apply, you will need to provide the following:

  1. A completed and signed application form (PDF – 1.44 MB) for the EV Charging Incentive Program.
  2. A copy of your charging station receipt.
  3. A copy of the installation receipt, if your charging station was installed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.
  4. A copy of the Certificate of Inspection;
  5. Vehicle registration.

Mail these documents to the address shown on the application form.

Electric vehicle charging incentive program