University of Guelph professor receives $1.6 million in grant money

University of Guelph professor receives $1.6 million in grant money

Aug 13,2013 | | Guelph-Ont

GUELPH — A University of Guelph professor is going to use newly acquired grant money to teach a select group of students about the St. Lawrence River Basin.


Paul Sibley, a professor and associate director of graduate studies in the School of Environmental Sciences, received $1.6 million from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. The competition was called the 2013 Collaborative Research and Training Experience and the winners were announced Monday.


Sibley will use the money to head a project involving 10 universities in Canada and the United States, as well as government agencies and conservation Groups, to train a select group of graduate students over the span of six years. Students will focus on better understanding and protecting the economically and environmentally important Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River Basin.


Sibley is also part of the Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services research team that received $4.4 million from research council earlier this year. He's currently working with 27 other researchers from 11 universities to protect Canada's wetlands, lakes and rivers.


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