GreenON Rebates for Insulation and High-Performance Windows

GreenON Rebates for Insulation

What makes high-performing windows so energy-efficient? Today’s high-performance windows reduce energy loss, condensation and noise, while also increasing home comfort and resale value. Get to know the ins and outs of high-efficiency windows.

GreenON Rebates for Insulation

In order to be eligible for GreenON Rebates, please be aware of the following requirements:

  • Windows must be on ENERGY STAR®’s Most Efficient models list which recognizes high-performance products with a U-factor at or below 1.4 W/m2•K or 0.25 Btu/h•ft.2•°F.
  • Windows must be certified to Climate Zone 3.
  • Installations must replace an existing window – including the window frames as well as the sashes and glass units – also called “brick-to-brick” installation. Windows that replace doors are not eligible.
  • Windows must be purchased from and installed by a Participating Contractor.

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You can receive $500 per eligible window, for up to ten windows. The installed cost of each window (materials and labour) must exceed $500 to receive a rebate. Bay or bow windows with more than one glass unit or other windows with pillars (whether load bearing or not) qualify as one rough opening – and are eligible for one rebate.

To find a Participating Contractor please go to:

ow your new windows are installed is just as important as the type of windows you buy. A poorly installed window can allow drafts, noise, dust or even water leaks, resulting in costly damages. Be sure to choose a GreenON participating contractor, obtain at least three quotes to compare, and check references.

GreenON Rebates for Insulation


Consider these three things when planning your upgrade:

  1. Which installation is best?

    To qualify for GreenON Fund Rebates, talk to a participating contractor about “brick-to-brick” installation (removing existing framing, jambs, etc. and starting fresh).

  2. Ask for low-e coatings

    Reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer by up to 30 per cent.

  3. Which frames are best?

    Talk to a participating contractor about the pros and cons of each type of frame, along with the style that will best match your home’s look.

For more information about available grants for your home or business or to learn how to repair your credit please go to:


GreenON Rebates for Insulation

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