Government Funding Programs for Food Companies

Government Funding Programs for Food Companies  

Since 2003 AKR Consulting Canada, a CFEA & OIMP Associate Member has specialized in assisting businesses with Government funding programs. Our knowledgeable team of Accountants, Food Scientists and Funding experts take care of the entire process including analyzing your projects to find the best funding options, gathering the required information, completing and submitting the applications to the Government on your behalf and dealing with the Government for any requirements. Over the years we have developed solid relationships with various levels of Government, and are known for our integrity, accuracy and thoroughness.

Types of Government Funding Available:

– The Government offers Grants, Subsidies, Tax Credits , Refunds and Rebates to Canadian businesses on an ongoing basis
– Grants and Subsidies are limited pools of funding that must be applied for before your company makes any expenditures
– Tax Credits, Refunds and Rebates are applied for after expenditures occur
– Funding is available at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Level

Here are some of the Funding Programs Available to Food Companies (including CFEA & OIMP members):
CME SMART – receive up to $100,000 per project for the purchase and implementation of technologically cutting edge equipment in your industry.

Energy Efficiency Rebates – up to 50% of costs for the installation of high efficiency lights and light fixtures, heating and air conditioning.

Export Market Access – receive up to $50,000 if your company has 5 or more employees and annual sales of $500,000 or more, you may qualify for a contribution covering up to 50% of eligible costs incurred to develop export sales.

Fuel Rebates – receive up to $0.15/litre annually for fuel used in any off-road equipment including generators and compressors, retroactive up to 4 years.

Growing Forward 2 – receive up to $100,000 per project for new and upgraded equipment, Accounting and ERP software, implementing of quality systems and new marketing initiatives. Hiring Grants – receive up to $6,000 for all new hires.

Job Training Grants – receive up to $10,000 per employee for job training requirements through a college, trade school, university or third party training facility.

R&D Refunds – receive up to $100,000+ annually for any new technically challenging projects that have increased the knowledge level of your company.

Store Front Improvements – up to 50% of store front improvements costs to a maximum of $10,000 including new signage, façade, doors, windows, canopies, painting, lighting; redesign of storefront.

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