Eco-Roof Incentive Program

Eco-Roof Incentive Program

Grants for Green and Cool Roofs

Grants are available to support the installation of green and cool roofs on Toronto homes and buildings.

Green roofs support the growth of vegetation and consists of a waterproofing membrane, drainage layer, organic growing medium (soil), and vegetation. Cool roofs reflect the sun’s rays and reduce heat build-up through a coating applied over an existing roof system, or a new single-ply waterproofing membrane.

Eco-Roof Incentive Program

Benefits of eco-roofs:

  • Save energy
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce urban heat
  • Capture stormwater
  • Improve air quality
  • Create habitat

Green Roof Incentives

  • $100 / square metre installed
  • up to $1,000.00 for a structural assessment

Cool Roof Incentive

  • $2 to $5 / square metre

Eco-Roof Incentive Program

Eligible buildings for the Eco-Roof Incentive Program

  • existing residential, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings in the city of Toronto
  • new residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings with a gross floor area of less than 2,000 m²
  • all new construction projects by Toronto School Boards and not-for-profit organizations

Grant applications must be approved prior to commencing any work on the roof.

Projects that have started, or are complete, are not eligible for funding.

Projects must be completed within six months of the application date

Eco-Roof Incentive Program


  • $100 per m2 of green roof

Funding requests greater than $100,000 are subject to approval by City Council

Green roofs on existing buildings are also eligible for a Structural Assessment Grant. See information below.

Design/Construction Requirements

Must be designed and constructed in conformance with the Toronto Green Roof Construction Standard.

Coverage requirements

Gross Floor Area*
(Size of Building)
Minimum Coverage of Available Roof Space**
(Size of Green Roof)
Less than 4,999 m² 20%
5,000 – 9,999 m² 30%
10,000 – 14,999 m² 40%
15,000 – 19,999 m² 50%
20,000 m² or greater 60%

* Gross Floor Area – The total area (all floors) of a building, above and below average grade, measured from the exterior wall of each floor level, including voids at the level of each floor, such as an atrium, mezzanine, stairwell, escalator, elevator, ventilation duct or utility shaft, but excluding areas used for the purpose of parking or loading.
** Available Roof Space – The total roof area minus areas designated for renewable energy, private terraces, and residential outdoor amenities (to a maximum of 2 square metres per unit). 

Documentation requirements

Photo of the roof prior to construction (not applicable for new construction).

  1. Roof plan: A detailed drawing of the roof showing:

    • Total roof area in m2
    • Proposed green roof area in m2
    • Percentage green roof coverage
    • Total gross floor area of the building
  2. Green roof design plans showing:

    • plant material
    • type of growing medium
    • construction details
  3. Maintenance plan that addresses:

    • protection measures for vegetated areas from impact of foot traffic (i.e., minimizing potential for damage);
    • the amount, time and control of irrigation;
    • the amount, type and time of fertilizer application;
    • weed management, including how often, which weeds to remove;
    • replanting (if required);
    • periodic inspection of drains, edging, roof penetrations, flashings, non-planted areas. This information may also be part of the roofing membrane maintenance program;
    • troubleshooting, and
    • assignment of responsibility for removal of, care for, and reinstallation of growing medium and vegetation in the event of a leak.
  4. If you are also applying for a Structural Assessment Grant, you must provide the following:

    • A copy of the structural assessment report, which evaluates the ability of a building to hold the weight of a green roof that meets the City’s Green Roof Construction Standards.
    • A copy of the paid invoice for the structural assessment.

These documents can up uploaded via the online form or emailed to The City reserves the right to request additional supporting documentation.

Structural Assessment Grant

Grants are available to help offset the cost of a structural assessment to determine if an existing building can carry the additional weight of a green roof.

You must hire a structural engineer licensed to work in the Province of Ontario and undertake the structural assessment prior to applying for funding for your green roof.

To be considered for a structural assessment grant, you must include the following documentation with your green roof funding application:

  • A copy of the structural assessment report, which evaluates the ability of a building to hold the weight of a green roof that meets the City’s Green Roof Construction Standards.
  • A copy of the paid invoice for the structural assessment.

The grant will equal the cost of the structural assessment or $1000.00, whichever is less. If a structural engineer determines that the building cannot support a green roof, the applicant will still be eligible for a Structural Assessment Grant.

Eco-Roof Incentive Program

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