This meeting had important information to move you ahead in the Real Estate game as an investor or owner. Thank you to Jennifer and her guest speaker Navtaj Can't wait for more!


Jerry & Grace Grinnage,
It was a very informative evening and I liked the way the presenter did the presentation, in a very personal manner.

Gaetane Ferland
I can honestly say that Navtaj introduce a buying formula that I haven't seen before. As an broker, all the other formulas I could see holes in them, which could cause legal problems, however his formula was clean. Was impressed, and although his full seminar was too short notice for me, I am interested in attending his next one in October.

Jennifer Walker
Very powerful information. If you are an investor who has taken other courses along the way, this one is surprisingly refreshing. It is a chance to build a strong network with other like-minded investors and a unique opportunity to learn the correct strategies to close deals and truly find good leads

Jason Mifsud, Calgary-Alberta
Navtaj is very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. His teaching is humbling and he has a very respectable manner and attitude to understanding the troubles of others (empathic)-

Jason Mifsud, Calgary-Alberta
I appreciate the thorough and applicable content was presented at the training. The training is not just classroom and theory but gets you started in real world experience and learning

Filip Matovina , Toronto - Ontario
World Wealth Builders is a very good organization. The teaching is amazing. Navtaj is an excellent teacher. I will gladly recommend him to others

Lurline Henriques, Toronto- Ontario
Its definitely a must to take this apprenticeship that every brand new real estate investor should take before starting their real estate adventure

George Selevko, Toronto-Ontario
Its a great place to learn. Real life approach. Its a place where people care about your success. Looking forward to field trips. You feel like your part of the family

Elena Selevko, Toronto-Ontario
Navtaj's expertise and especially practical knowledge picked up over his career was invaluable and priceless. He knows what we need to focus on to make money in very practical examples and real life stories

Rodney Fazaa Toronto-Ontario
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