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Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant Program Meeting the Challenge with Increased Provincial Funding

Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant Program Meeting the Challenge with Increased Provincial Funding

Released on March 31, 2017

The Government of Saskatchewan’s 2017-18 Budget provides an additional $1 million in funding from the province to the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant, for a total of $7.393 million.

This employer-driven program provides eligible employers with financial support to train recruits or their existing employees for new or better jobs in their organizations.

Since its introduction in 2014, the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant has provided $10.191 million in funding to meet the workforce needs of employers.  Employers provide one-third of the training costs, while the federal and provincial governments contribute the remaining two-thirds.

“The Government of Saskatchewan has identified workforce education and training as a core priority in our economic agenda,” Economy Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  “Our increased investments in the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant program directly address employer needs.  The funding will allow more employers to collaborate with training partners to meet their specific workforce needs.”

To better meet employer needs, applications will be accepted in phases this year.  The first phase will run from April 1 to August 31, 2017.  Employers with training start dates within this period may apply to the program during this phase.  Details on the next phase will be communicated before the end of phase one.

“Dividing the program into phases will provide employers more opportunities to apply to the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant throughout the 2017-18 program year,” Harrison said.  “Having more qualified workers in the labour market will help Saskatchewan capture new economic opportunities and meet the challenges that come with growth.”

For more information, or to apply to the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant, visit the program page at www.saskatchewan.ca/job-grant.


For more information, contact:

Deb Young
Phone: 306-787-4765
Email: deb.young@gov.sk.ca

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